Our process
to total
digital activation
From our initial contact, your customers are the centre of our focus. We work with you every step of the way to connect and engage with your customers.
Tell your
story right
At Epicentro, bringing brands to life is achieved through crafting a customer centric content. Customer centric content simply means speaking to your customers on things that matter the most to them.

Customer centric content comes in different shapes and forms. Ranging from creating a fun quirky alien campaign to help shift our client’s brand perception through to evoking a strong emotional experience on a product launch day.
In short, we create content that speaks to the heart of your customers so they too can experience your brand to the fullest in their everyday life.

Now, let’s look at the next building block in creating an awesome digital communication project.
Digital channels
that tell
your story
Epicentro takes channel selection process seriously. We understand how critical it is to have the correct channel mix to reach customers WHERE they are most engaged – Whether it is through breathtakingly crafted holoographic images or simple eDMs.

Combined with a total 20 + years experience in the traditional and digital channels, rest assured that we’ve got what it takes to help you reach your audience.
Digital campaign
performance and
At Epicentro, we strive to create successful digital campaigns that deliver positive commercial outcomes and/or behavioural change. Our promise to you is to take the hassle out of your digital communication projects.

This simply means we monitor and measure your campaign performance whilst being deployed. This is to ensure we manage any unforeseen variable which is impacting the campaign success and proactively steer the campaign towards the “promised land”.

We work with you to determine the suitable digital peformance metrics based on the project objectives.