Project Background

Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd. (HAECO) is one of world's leading aircraft engineering and maintenance service provider. It prides itself for its superior technical expertise and operational excellence.


To continuously excel in providing superior technical expertise and operational excellence, recruiting the brightest talents in the country and around the world is a must.


Epicentro was engaged to help deliver this recruitment objective by maximizing user experience of Haeco’s recruitment website.  


HAECO's previous website had a few areas of improvement - particularly in the areas of responsiveness, user experience, technology and design.


1)  Establish a strong congruence and affinity with the potential job applicants, Epicentro adopted strong a visual approach using infographics to convey and present large volume of information pertaining to the recruitment process and HAECO’s employee benefits

2) Ensure the ease in navigating through the website and obtaining the appropriate information efficiently, Epicentro utilized visual and content hierarchy approach



Generated over 100+ applicants per day thanks to congruencies in website design and content.