Why Choose Epicentro?
We deliver digital engagement
We are obsessed about creating digital engagement for your brand because we know customer engagement works.

Presently, we have helped deliver over 4,000 captivating digital engagement with an ultimate goal of winning your customers’ hearts and therefore putting your brand at the fore front of their minds.
We create digital customer experience
Our unique ability in creating emotionally driven brand experiences through digital interactions will ensure your customers remain engaged and loyal to your brand.

We create digital customer experience for your brand by identifying your customers’ touch points throughout their journey with your brand.
We are driven by measurable outcomes
While we love working with warm and fuzzy projects such as pursuing your customers’ hearts and winning their affection, we still have our heads and feet firmly grounded in delivering financial and non-financial metrics for you.
We leverage on our global network
With direct access to our 2,600 counterparts globally, Epicentro has strong capability in tapping into world’s digital best practices in executing your projects. Imagine having a global digital knowledge bank at your fingertips.
Epicentro is a boutique digital agency that specialises in bringing brands to life digitally. We deliver powerful and engaging digital experiences from strategy to execution. At Epicentro, we believe that emotional driver is the key to bring your brand to life.

Founded by our parent company Pico – Asia’s leading Total Brand Activation company with a proven track record in bringing brands to life in real life events, we share the same DNA! – except we do this digitally. Collaborated with our parent company, we won an Award of Distinction for websites, online video and branded content.
We give you a peace of mind by taking the hassle out of your digital communication projects and deliver results.

We help you create a lasting digital imprint of your brand that speaks to the heart of its customers.
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