EMSD APEC meeting
Project Background

EMSD will organize the Virtual APEC Expert Group Meetings and Associated Meetings in 16-19 Nov 2020 at EMSD. Pico & Epicentro, as the event manager, will carry out the execution plan and provide one-stop solutions for the uncertain events that happened. 


Under the COVID-19 pandemic, EMSD prefers to held the event in their office. 


We provided an integrated web-based platform included

Virtual Auditorium as entrance to impress all participants and speakers, with animation, buttons for short-cut, banners and log

HTML5 video player to show EMSD selected corporate videos;

Landing page to showcase the Event and show countdown day attendees registration and event introduction and agenda;

Five virtual rooms of different sections of the Event;

-       Five networking lounges with displaying the attended participants;

-       Animations for overall Event and different sections;

-       Survey for attendance satisfaction and statistic for attendance behaviour;

-       Question and answer session; and

Photo taking with starting the camera of the participants on specific device and speakers after registration on the webpage and during the virtual meeting and workshop


EASY ACCESS - It is embedded within your browser and is compatible with all browsers and devices, including mobile devices. Participants can access the event without installing any additional software, thus increasing access


SYNCHRONIZED SLIDES - Presentation slides are synchronized to the audio signal. This gives participants the experience of a “live” presentation and allows them to visually follow highlights and the investment story. Layout can be customize according to the template in order to fulfil clients and brand’s needs.


CUSTOMIZE LAYOUT DESIGN - Layout can be customize according to the template in order to fulfil clients and brand’s needs.


Q&A MANAGEMENT - Our Q&A module allows participants to ask questions via the platform. In the presenter interface, you can manage incoming questions. Presenter / Moderator can also raise or voice out the questions reading through an iPad or laptop.


Two expert group meetings of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Energy Working Group were held in Hong Kong via video conference from November 17 to today.

About 150 experts and delegates from 16 APEC member economies attended the meetings and workshops to discuss energy challenges and opportunities in the region.

Delivering the welcome speech yesterday, Secretary for the Environment KS Wong said Hong Kong would continue to play an active role in the working group, providing an excellent platform for APEC members to deepen co-operation and thereby improve energy policy planning and decision-making.

The two expert groups were the Expert Group on Energy Efficiency & Conservation and the Expert Group on Energy Data & Analysis.

The Electrical & Mechanical Services Department has been representing Hong Kong in the working group since 1991.

Director of Electrical & Mechanical Services Pang Yiu-hung said unyielding and continuous efforts among APEC member economies would help overcome hurdles and challenges in striving for combating climate change.