Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum 2020
Project Background

Online gaming is one of the rare industries that has seen its fortunes rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. To promote further esports development in Hong Kong, Cyberport – an innovative digital community with around 1,600 start-ups and technology companies – worked with Pico to create the Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF).


Under COVID19 pandemic


Comprising both physical and virtual elements, DELF was designed to support the industry as it decodes its value chain and identifies growth opportunities, market drivers and new monetisation models. Targeted at millennial and Gen Z e-gamers, the Forum kicked off on 11 December 2020 under the banner ‘New Normal of Digital Entertainment: From Gamification to Esportification’.



Event management inc hardware and 40+ helpers, event website build for DELF, registration system, custom virtual platform for livestreaming, exhibition booths, networking, info desk, mini game, parallel livestreaming for one main and two side tracks