Reaching out with Mentos
Project Background

This project was commissioned by Mentos Hong Kong to reposition Mentos' target audience who used to be children between the age of 8 to 12 years old to young adults.


New product flavour was introduced to create stronger congruence with the young adults.


To shift the current brand perception that Mentos are for kids.


1) Executed Mentos Street parades in the busiest  Hong Kong districts during selected weekends.

    "Mentos Alien" - a mascot created specifically to activiate the NEW mentos positioning

  2) Lion dance performances were executed to strengthened street parade presence

    A viral lion dance video was posted on YouTube to further gain excitement and awareness.

3) Implemented a Facebook and YouTube campaigns to amplify engagement

4) Developed an online game to maximise young adults engagement.

  To participate in the game, a prospective participant must purchase the NEW mentos to obtain a digital code.


1) Viral Video: Over 120,000 impressions and over 450 likes on Facebook media

2) Facebook: 700+ likes game related posts

3) Game:  500 participants attracted to the game

4) Sales: a double digit increase in sales volume, a month after the event