HK Jockey Club gets creative
Project Background

“Let’s Kindle Our Creativity” is Hong Kong Jockey Club’s inaugural flagship event where the whole nation is invited to celebrate their gifts in creativity. Year after year, this event is known for its pull in bringing families and friends together. This event has a track record of attracting more than 47,000 attendees.

The event also enjoys a high rate of attendees’ participation in its DIY arts workshops. Pico was tasked to develop a seamless registration system to manage 1300+ workshops.


In the previous years, more than 10,000 plus workshop participants were registered through a manual registration process where an attendee had to physically pick up a workshop card of his/her own interest from a giant board. Imagine the challenge of picking up the card plastered on the top of the board!

This card was then given to an event staff member whom then walked across to a counter for vacancy verification purposes. This process may take up to 5 minutes depending on number of workshop cards in the queue. Once the vacancy is obtained and agreed by the attendee, a staff member provided workshop time and venue details in writing.

Once a workshop’s capacity was reached, an event team member must physically ensure that no cards were displayed on the board.
A workshop registration was estimated to take place between 5 to 10 minutes.

Due to increasingly number of attendees participating in the DIY workshops, the existing registration process was no longer viable and efficient.

Epicentro was tasked in streamlining the registration process and increase both attendees' and event team members' experiences.


1) Mapped out end to end customer journey to identify critical touch points when registering and attending a workshop


2) Designed a registration system which meets the below requirements:
•    Built for a large of volume of registrations
•    Tactical and user friendly for both attendees and event team members
•    Real-time workshop vacancy management



1) Reduced workshop registration from 10 minutes to 30 seconds, this resulted in a massive improvement of attendees’ experience


2) Increased efficiency in time and labour management by triple digits


3 ) Dramatically reduced human errors in workshop allocations and registrations